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St Edward's Catholic Church Clifford

St Edward's Parish & Poverty Relief Foundation in tanzania

Attached in a photo of a large group of women who are all keen to be part of the Rwinyana Women’s Group.  In this case there are 70 or more women all wanting to be part of the group so the funds kindly provided St Edwards Church, has been topped up by PRF so that each women will receive about £20 and with this they will set up businesses, growing vegetables, sewing, cooking, rearing chickens, bee keeping etc and will sell their produce at the local market. 

The 70 will be divided into sub groups each of 5 women who will help each other if they have problems or if any of them fall ill with malaria which is quite often the case.  They will set their own interest rate and term of the loans which will be repaid to the group. New women will then be invited to join and so we hope the group will grow and continue to develop.  One group of 30 received a loan of £700 12 year ago and they now have £11,000 and 230 women are receiving loans. 

Fr Honoratus will be very much involved with the setting up of the group and this includes a day seminar for the women by an accountant, paid for by PRF, to teach them how to manage their loans and keep records.  Katrin met the leaders who have been chosen by the women and Fr Honoratus will be there to advise and assist them when required. 

Do please pass on the thanks of PRF and the women to all who kindly donated and they can be assured these loans will make a big difference to the women and their families. 

Kind regards, Raymond Rowan.