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St Edward's Catholic Church Clifford


Priority Maintenance and Repair Works at St Edwards

A View from the top of the Tower! - November 2023

Exciting Updates! - August 2023

Our project is beginning its second phase.  The scaffolding is in the process of being removed from the tower to reveal the conservation work and the meticulous restoration of the important hand carved detail that surrounds it.  
Now the work will focus on the church and parish rooms.  Scaffolding will surround the entire building and the rainwater disposal system (guttering, etc.) from all levels will be removed for cleaning, repair, and refurbishment.  The south, parish room, and sacristy doors remain unobstructed .
This phase is not expected to take nearly as long as the first.  We are looking forward to completion hopefully in late Autumn this year.


June 2023

Due to the nature of the works, there have been some delays and therefore the work is yet to be completed.

Please find some progress images below from the work that has been completed.

Belvedere Capital

Following removal and close inspection, one of the capitals on the south elevation was assessed as suitable for repair and retention. While there were some bedding cracks on the external face of the stone, they stopped around a quarter of the way into the piece.  What had been the internal face was not cracked, and in good condition. The stone will be rotated around by 180 degrees so that the internal face will be outward facing.

Belfry Level

The old iron ties have been removed and replaced. The images show the removal of the corroding iron bars has identified that the backs of many of the central springing stones have diagonal cracks due to the expansive force of the corroded ironwork.

The front section of the Belfry Level Springing Stone is being replaced with new stone, which will be taking the vertical load from the pair of narrow arches.

New bronze bars are replacing the corroding iron bars across the windows at Belfry level.

Replacement of old hand carved stone with new replicas.

Approximately seven meters of stone is being hand carved to match the original stonework.

The Tower Cross Restoration.

July 2022

From 30th August 2022 scaffolding will be put up around the tower and church in order to begin the maintenance and repair works. It will take around 3 weeks for the scaffolding to be in place.

Following the completion of the scaffolding, work will begin. 

It is estimated that it will take approximately 38 weeks to complete the planned repairs and maintenance. This means that the work is due to be completed in May 2023.

We do need to be aware that there could be delays that could occur during this time and therefore these dates are subject to change.


The works that will be carried out include Above Ground Rainwater Disposal System Refurbishments, Stonework Conservation and Repairs to the Tower.

Access to the church and Graveyard

There will be no access into church through the West Side (the new door) during the duration of the building work. This means that the only access into church is through the South Side (the old door).


Anyone wanting to access the Graveyard will need to walk around via the South and East sides of the church (past the parish rooms).


Financing the Maintenance and Repair Work

The proceeds from the sale of the Presbytery along with subsequent grants will cover the cost of the works.

We are grateful for the support we have received through grants from charitable trusts including : Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust, National Churches Trust, Benefact Trust, and Sir Harold Hood’s Charitable Trust.


Architect and Contractor

The architect leading the project is Christopher Cotton RIBA AABC Architect Ltd.

The lead contractor for the project is Gary Payne Masonry (Ripon) Ltd.

Images of the Above Ground Rainwater Disposal System Issues


The Stain Glass windows have issues around:

Pigment lossDeterioration of glass, Rusting nonferrous fixing that is fracturing the stone, Perished wire guards, Insufficient support bars

and Detached tie wires & support bars.

All the issues above will be addressed as part of the work.


Images of the Stain Glass Windows 

Images of the Tower

Image of Tower with blue and red lines – Location of three iron bands that are corroded:

a)  passing through the springing to the Belvedere arcade.

b)  passing through the springing of the Belfry louvred arcades
c)  passing through the springing of the Lantern window arcades.

Image with Green Lines - Proposed location for new reinforcement at Lantern Level (Bell Ringing Chamber).

Image with Black Dotted Lines – Proposed location for new bed reinforcements in organ loft.

New bed reinforcements will be installed in the Belfry.

Other issues include:

Lightening conductor tapes need new copper saddle fixings, Fissures running through stone which require pinning to prevent further movement, Failures in cement joints which require removing and re-pointing, High level iron bars are eroded and need replacing, Window ledges require high pressure cleaning due to birds.